Metal Awning Gallerymetal awnings

Todays modern canvas awnings may owe their history, construction, and existence to the awnings of the past cultures that came before. As if passing the baton to the next generation of ingenuity and creative design, metal awnings have continued that vibrant tradition, adding strength, durability and sustainability not seen to the same degree in their cloth and bricbased counterparts.But while there are strength and durability differences, what remains constant are the valuable reasons behind erecting quality built commercial metal shade structures. The benefits of metal awnings are varied including, shade, protection from the elements wind, rain, or snow and they do it quietly without some of the vibration noise associated with more flexible materials.Made from lightweight highgrade aluminum or steel, awnings are excellent at radiating absorbed heat back into the surrounding environment. Rustresistant metal business awnings are ideal for energy savings, reflecting much of the suns intense summer heat, allowing you, the business owner, to lower your air conditioning costs. In addition, by providing shade and allseason protection, metal awnings effectively extend a buildings usable footprint out along the sidewalk, your place of business more welcoming and pedestrian friendly.With Academy Inc., your innovative and eyecatching metal awning will create immediate impact by the custom branding to your business.  Our awnings are much more than just traditional shade structures.  Whether you decide on an aluminum or a steel awning, we deliver products based on the highest industry standards.  A small sampling of our commercial metal awnings below highlights our attention to detail, form and function.Metal Awning Gallerymetal awnings