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We are in business since , with an experienced and skilled workforce. We always use high grade materials, anything less will not stand the test of time and will end up deteriorating and being replaced.

Great value madetomeasure outdoor covered canopy

No matter what way the rain is coming it doesnt seem to get the clothes

We offer bespoke, made to measureoutdoor canopieswhich can be either leanto or free standing. Equivalent to a Room Outside, they are perfect for a patio or can be used to provide shelter or a storage area. They are equivalent to a permanent awning.

Is your New Year Resolution to keep on top of the laundry ?…

Its a wonderful success, allowing clothes to dry naturally, safe from sudden downpours … It has saved me a fortune on my electricity bills from my tumble dryer

We supply and fitscia, soffit and guttersto new and existing houses and commercial premises. Gutter cleaning, repair and maintenance are also part of our service.

Save Money No need for energy guzzling tumble dryer

Definitely the best money we spent last year! Its made the job of drying clothes so much easier

Have freshly dried washing, outdoors, all year round, and save money! Weather will no longer dictate when you wash. No need to wait for good drying days, use yourClothesline Canopyanytime.

Drying laundry inside can be harmful to your health and can incur costly maintenance caused by damp and mould. Dry your washing naturally outside, no shrinkage or damage and safe from sudden downpours.

Youre saving money from the day you buy it …Id say its going to be there in or years time.

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Supply and fit scia soffit and gutters to new and existing houses