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Dometic awnings have great looks combined with long life! Its heavyduty, polyesterreinforced vinyl bric has the rich, vibrant Horizon stripe colour pattern on both sides that accents its colourmatched weathershield. Available in straight or curved hardware to fit virtually any vehicle. Rugged construction, beautiful brics, ease of operation and affordability combine to make the Plus the best manual awning in the world. Automatic rain shed feature allows convenient, hasslefree operation. Easy setup with patented PermaLoop pull strap. Selflocking lift handles ensure easy operation. Antislack rafter pivot eliminates the need for retensioning. Easy operating AE Universal hardware for smooth, st, effortless one person operation Exclusive Patented PermaLoopTM pull strap Vinyl cushioned lift handles Ergonomic lock knobs, positioned lower for easy use Clear acrylic coating resists scratching, ding, mildew and staining UV protected and waterproof Type of Awning automatic rollup Roller tube roll extruded alloy Fabric oz. ply polyester reinforced vinyl Weathershield colourcoordinated vinyl Extension approx. Length to in onefoot increments

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Dometic is a worldrenowned provider of leisure products for your recreational vehicles so you can only expect the best when it comes to their awnings. You can choose several Dometic options depending on your needs. For a longlasting awning system, choose the AE Awning that retracts and extends at the push of a button. For a price youll love, check out our AE series awning. They are long lasting, durable, dependable, and will get you through the years with a good quality awning. AE Dometic series awnings also offers a huge variety of options so that you know you will be able to find the right awning for you.

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Note The Plus awnings has been discontinued and are no longer available to sell as a complete unit with awning and hardware. They will be substituted for the standard awning. You can still buy them as a part, but not as a whole unit.; jQuery.showmore.onclick, function jQuery.categoryheader.addClasscategoryauto; jQuerythis.hide;; ; jQuery.showless.onclick, function jQuery.categoryheader.removeClasscategoryauto; jQuerythis.hide;; ; ; jQuerywindow.refunction if jQuerywindow.width

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AE awnings are so popular, that a lot of big brand manucturers of campers and RVs actually put these stock onto the campers when they are new.